U.S. Stocks Declined Due to The Risk of Global Economic Recession

Because of worries about the global economic recession, investors have transferred money to the bond market.

At Monday’s trading session, the US stock market fell after data showed that global economic growth weakened. Investors meanwhile continue to worry about yield curve. However, the Dow Jones index rose when Boeing stocks rebounded after many recent price declines.

However, the market did not react much to the news that Robert Muller could not get evidence that Russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election. At the close of Monday’s trading session, the S&P 500 dropped 2.35 points or 0.08% to 2,798.36 points. Technology and financial stocks declined. The Nasdaq index fell 5.13 points to 7,637.54 points. Dow Jones index increased by 14.51 points to 25,516.83 points.

Market movements began to turn upside down when Bloomberg reported that US officials were worried that China might disagree with US requirements in negotiations. The source also said that Chinese negotiators said they did not receive an agreement to ensure that the US would completely remove tariffs on Chinese goods after signing the agreement.

The US stock market still focuses on the worries about the global economic recession, which began to rise from Friday when a series of large-scale water production indicators such as Europe and the US signaled the slowdown. Data from the US showed that the US manufacturing industry in March 2019 fell to its lowest level in 21 months.

On Monday, Asian stock markets fell, European stock markets weakened. Therefore, investors in worries have transferred money to the bond market. The volatility of the yield curve, when long-term bond yields fall below the short-term bond yields, is seen as a sign that the economic recession is approaching.

Figures from Europe show that the German business confidence index rose to 99.6 in March 2019 from 98.3 the previous month. This is information from Dow Jones Newswires. Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said he still needs to be cautious to see how the data will signal before deciding on interest rates moves.

Playing Stock and Golf


Considering the level of “addiction”, people can be absent from the stock market for a few days, but a week without a busy three-day golf course is annoying. Asking about the golfers (golfers), I discovered a more shocking thing: only a small number of stockholders played golf but most golfers played securities and were very successful.

A standard Swing (swinging ball) is a smooth swinging action like an artist pulling a violin. The golf ball will only go far and precise with a speed swing swing, the whole body is completely relaxed but no oscillation deviates from the spin axis as the spine and head. If you only hit the ball by hand, you cannot become a golfer, because the art of playing with the ball requires a combination of the whole body and the senses. If you also believe that playing securities is an art then surely the golfers agree. You get the best performance on the field when the spirit is completely refreshing. You have a very high chance of investing in stocks if you feel comfortable in winning and losing.

Passion and patience

Rainy sun is a story of heaven, golfers (golfers) can be likened to a form of ascetic monks with their love of grass. They are ready to apply on their skin … tons of anti-skin peeling creams and so on from 12 noon to 5:30 pm, it rains and so on or wait until they can continue. Do you believe that most golfers are willing to take their clubs out of the house from 5 am or skip lunch to run to the yard? It is also hard to imagine that a professional and successful investor is lazy to read newspapers and find information, or find out how business theories apply on the stock market.
Lack of passion, a golfer never even managed to pass 3 – 6 months of death just to practice 10,000 balls, three times that number with ballless swing. If you play golf for 20 years, you have to give this sport the patience to study like an outsider who learns the first swing, 20 years is still a repeating swing. Many equestrian investors see flowers, they become losers, do not have a strong stance, always run the herd and say a catchphrase: price as …. When they suffer losses, they blame securities for gambling and do not give themselves another chance to become a successful investor.

A golfer wrote this: My first blow hit the ground, far away from the ball, causing my hand to feel electrocuted. The next blow also caused my hand to hurt terribly and the golf ball flew to the side, startling everyone to look back at me, looking uncomfortable. I thought, “This game is too hard.” But then after 10, 15 or 20 subsequent shots, I hit the ball – and with a quieter sound than the sound of the Ferrari F430, the small white ball sprang up. In the air, it floated in mid-air and flew 160 yards and landed on the ground, bouncing lightly on the grass.

To win, you must at least finish your destination

A new golfer can completely hit the ball beyond 170 yards with a 7, the professional golfers only reach 145-150 yards. Typically, a golfer after 1 year will have a shot to the shorter distance they have achieved when they first started, but in return is more accurate and stable.

In an ecstatic minute, an amateur golfer can finish a hole with a standard stroke (PAR), even a hole in the hole (hole in one – something Tiger Wood hasn’t done yet) but is broken many other holes. However, golf is a marathon art, you can excel in one third of the journey and then let it dive into the water again, bogged in a sand pit or around in the bush. No professional golfer didn’t double three times before a real swing and there was no lack of focus for one move. Each stroke is carefully estimated about tactics, ball directions, club type, wind direction, ball position …

People still don’t say greed and fear is the number one enemy of those stock players. To become a serious and successful investor, you must always win yourself. Want to learn the art of making money through stock, why don’t you try to take the stick to the yard and start hoeing.

The largest US bank issued virtual currency

JPMorgan Chase, America’s largest bank, has just released a virtual currency called JPM Coin. According to CNBC, this is the first virtual currency backed by a leading bank in the world’s No. 1 economy.
Every day, the wholesale banking department of JPMorgan Chase moves the amount of money up to 6 trillion USD on a global scale for corporate customers. JPM Coin was launched to make quick payments between JPMorgan Chase customers.

Testing this virtual currency into payments in the wholesale banking segment will be carried out in a few months. Initially, JPM Coin will only take a very small part in the amount of money that JPMorgan Chase moves every day.

The release of the virtual currency is part of JPMorgan Chase’s effort to prepare for the future where many financial-banking operations from cross-border payments to corporate debt issuance, will done based on block chain technology. This is the technology behind digital currencies, the most famous of which is Bitcoin.

When JPMorgan Chase tested using JPM Coin for international payments, this would be the first real-world application of a virtual currency in the banking sector.
Until now, JP Morgan Chase still holds a cautious view on virtual money investment, considering it an investment channel with a high level of risk. Last year, JP Morgan Chase and two other US banks banned the use of credit cards issued by them to buy virtual money.

Also with a cautious view, another big US bank, Goldman Sachs, is said to have shelved plans to open Bitcoin trading.

There are some important differences between JPM Coin and Bitcoin – the virtual currency that CEO Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase once called a “trick” for investors. While skeptical about Bitcoin, Dimon and his subordinates always argue that blockchain technology and regulated digital currencies are promising.

The main difference of JPM Coin is that each virtual currency can be converted into 1 USD, so its value will not fluctuate. JPMorgan Chase customers will be granted JPM Coin after depositing money in JPMorgan Chase. After using the virtual money used for payment, the bank will cancel the virtual money and return it to the customer an amount of equivalent USD.

Prospects of digital currencies in 2019

Some experts said that after a hot development period, the digital money market will have a reorganization and elimination of inappropriate currencies in the coming time.

Market is not quiet

The digital money market in general and Bitcoin in particular had 1 year of unfavorable transactions. The value of Bitcoin has fallen from the peak of nearly $ 20,000 / BTC in early 2018 transactions to $3,500 in the last trading session of 2018. Thus, within nearly a year, Bitcoin lost nearly 80% of the value.
Similarly, many other digital currencies also have strong corrections. The second popular Ether – electronic currency after Bitcoin also dropped from $1,432 / Ether in January 2018 to about $150 / Ether at the moment.

Besides, 2018 also witnessed the failure of Bitcoin Cash. Contrary to the expectation of outstanding growth in early 2018 with the ability to replace the Bitcoin, this digital currency also experienced a sharp decline in the last months of 2018.

The prospects

Judging by the prospects of digital currencies in 2019, many experts think this may be a year of growth again. However, the Bitcoin currency may continue to lose against other currencies. The recent lackluster development of Bitcoin and the lack of technical support in general will lead to the collapse of this currency. As technology companies invest in Blockchain technology and spend the time and energy needed to nurture new digital currencies, some experts believe that Bitcoin will not be able to grow in keeping with the growth of other digital currencies.
According to Samuel Leach, virtual money expert and founder of Yield Coin, Bitcoin may not be able to follow the upward trend of cryptocurrency in 2019, even when some countries recognize the value of money. The main reason lies in investors’ apprehension before the strong fluctuation of this currency in recent years.

The most likely possibility for Bitcoin is that the currency will continue to receive recognition from a number of portfolio swaps (ETFs) and futures markets. Bitcoin will remain a highly speculative trading instrument for some, but will not become a popular means of trading and storing value, Leach added.

Meanwhile, compared to Bitcoin, other currencies appear to be ripple, often with a team of solid engineers standing behind to support constantly, help develop and ensure the stability of currencies in the future.

In addition, in that context, stable currencies (stablecoin) that are designed to counter strong volatility and unstable prices in the electronic money market will quickly rise to dominate market share. Previously, Bitcoin failed to become a stablecoin due to unpredictable fluctuations and strong price fluctuations in a short period of time. The value of bitcoin fluctuates according to the speculation trend and the purpose that traders are willing to buy and sell.

Get Access to Virtual Stock Games

The variety of games not only lies in relaxing or entertaining games but it can also help young people gain experience in real life. One of the typical faces of this series is the stock game. The game simulates a virtual stock exchange with all the elements and regulations as a real stock exchange so that players can experience and try with numbers and stocks. Currently, in the game market, led by three typical websites can give users superior features.

We seed is the best stock site that allows free registration and risk-free investment. You will be provided with some money and perform certain virtual transactions, but especially will have to comply with the rules of the conditions of using and trading stocks as in fact. Companies with stocks on We seed stock will be segmented by specific businesses including sports, catering, technology and entertainment. Therefore, users will have a wide choice and invest in their desired business category.

Wall street Survivor  is an amazing virtual stock game idea. Players will be provided with a practical knowledge base related to stock investment using portfolio management. Moreover, Wall Street survivor is designed to be a major trading floor, so when you before you join and make purchases, you need to have a strategy and plan based on Investments are listed in detail on the list. In addition, you can keep up-to-date on stock and financial news happening in real life.

Market watch is also a shirt stock website that is not inferior to other competitors. Specifically, they offer the game called Dow 30-Day Trade, users will be provided with $ 10,000 virtual to make a 30-company stock-based trade with the Dow Jones Industrial Average (average troops of industrial stock exchanges). Each trade transaction will be worth about $ 10. The difference of this securities game is that it requires the participating virtual investors to have certain skills to dominate the stock exchange.
Based on information about virtual securities game types, people with passion in securities investment can receive and improve management and investment skills. Thereby, they can have basic experience when participating in real exchanges in reality.

US Stock Indexes All Rose After Reduction Taxes On Chinese Goods

US stock indexes all rose after a report said the US could reduce taxes on Chinese goods in its trade negotiations.
The idea was given by Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin, according to the Wall Street Journal. However, the report added that Mnuchin faced resistance from US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, who argued that any concessions could be considered a sign of weakness.

The report helped stocks to the highest level of the day, with the Dow Jones industrial average gaining more than 250 points. S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite all gained about 1% after the report.

However, the main indexes failed to peak after the Ministry of Finance spokesman working with the trade group said: None of Mnuchin Minister and Ambassador Lighthizer made any recommendations for anyone involved in tariffs or other parts of negotiations with China. This is an ongoing process that has not yet achieved concrete results.

A senior government official who attended a trade meeting with the president on Wednesday told  that there was no discussion about tariff removal. Currently, the official also said that President Donald Trump was not interested in making a decision right now because that puts him in a weak position.

The Dow closed up 163 points, escaping from the correction. The S&P 500 ended the day up 0.76% while the Nasdaq rose 0.7%.

Caterpillar shares rose 2.2%, while Boeing increased 2%. Shares of Caterpillar and Boeing are considered the bell for global trade when operating these two companies in relation to foreign markets. Apple also increased 0.6%.

Netflix is ​​expected to report today. This stock is currently the brightest star in the market in 2019 when it has increased by more than 31%. Netflix’s profit will increase sharply after the online giant announced it would raise monthly subscription prices from 13 to 18 earlier this week.

Morgan Stanley reported profits and unimproved revenue for Wall Street. The company’s results have been pulled down by poor achievements in business enterprises and asset management. Morgan Stanley shares fell 4%. Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo also reported quarterly earnings this week.

Although the world is struggling, “West money” is helping this Southeast Asian stock market boom

After a year of slipping, Philippine stocks are beginning in 2019 in the best way in the world. A dream start also caused foreign investors to pour money into the Philippine stock market despite their massive withdrawal last year. The Philippines has really left behind the title of one of Asia’s worst stock markets in 2018.

At the moment, Rizal Commercial Bank Corp and AB Capital & Investment Corp have all pumped money to buy Philippine stocks instead of waiting for stocks to rise in price to discharge goods as they did last year. At the moment, Philippine stock has increased by 4.9% with a record increase of 1.7% at 10.50 am on 8/1. This momentum helps Philippine stocks can surpass the resistance level of 8,000 points in this quarter.

Optimistic psychology covered the Philippine stock market thanks to data of inflation slowing for the second consecutive month after peaking for 9 years, marking the biggest slowdown since May 5, 2018. Besides, the fact that the US Federal Reserve has signaled to slow down the process of raising interest rates made investors more secure in the down payment.

At the moment, foreign investors have pumped $ 49 million into securities funds this year. It also marked the longest net buying of foreign investors in the last 5 months. Last year, foreign investors withdrew $ 1.08 billion from the Philippine stock market, contributing to accelerating the slump in this market.

Meanwhile, many foreign investors expect Philippine stocks can increase to 8,100 to 8,200 points in the coming time. That means a huge profit if money is down at this time. The main task of investors at the moment is to choose good stocks to invest and make a profit.
Nomura Chetan Seth and Jayant Parasramka analysts said that currently, banking stocks and consumer-related businesses are being sought by investors. In addition, cash flow is being poured into stocks with medium market capitalization and the largest enterprises in the market in the hope of boosting the benchmark higher, helping to increase the attractiveness of Philippine securities.

If optimistic signs continue to be maintained, analysts believe that Philippine stocks may hit 8,300 points or even 8,400 points. Good statistics in the first quarter of 2019 will greatly contribute to the growth potential of this Southeast Asian stock market and vice versa.

Even more optimistic, UBS AG strategist Jody Santiago, believes that slow inflation may boost spending and profit margins can surprise corporate profits. If these become real, Philippine stocks may rise to 8,900 points this year.

Going back to reality, it is hard to say that foreign capital inflows into the Philippines market are a reversal compared to the wave of withdrawals last year. However, it can be affirmed that pouring capital into the market shows that investors are very interested in Philippine stocks in particular and emerging markets in general.

Chinese Stocks Fell The Worst in 2018

According to Bloomberg, the Shanghai Composite Index has dropped by nearly 25% compared to the beginning of the year, making China a big stock market with the strongest decline in the world 2018.

The booming trade war between the US and China is seen as the main reason why Chinese stocks “evaporate” $ 2.3 trillion worth of capitalization this year.

Along with that, the debt reduction campaign in the economy pursued by Beijing has caused the debt margin on the stock market to fall to about one third compared to the peak in 2015.

Foreign investors continue to buy listed shares in the mainland China market through connection with Hong Kong stock, and Chinese state funds are supposed to intervene in the market to support prices. share. However, the indexes of Chinese stocks have continuously dropped sharply.

In addition to the US-China trade war, Chinese securities investors are also concerned about the slowdown of the domestic economy.

The $ 2.3 trillion capitalization decline of Chinese stocks this year was the strongest since Bloomberg began saving data on this market in 2002. The similar near capitalization of Chinese securities occurred. came into the global financial crisis 10 years ago, when the Shanghai Composite Index dropped 65%.

With the decrease in capitalization, China this year ceded the position of the second largest stock market in the world to Japan.

Along with the decline of the market is the decline of trading volume. The daily average trading volume of the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges combined has dropped to about 369 billion yuan, equivalent to $ 54 billion, the lowest level since 2014.

In Thursday’s session, only about 263.8 billion yuan of votes were transferred on both exchanges, about one-tenth of the peak in 2015.

China’s debt reduction campaign has achieved some results, at least in the stock market because of speculative activity.

The total outstanding securities margin is only about 756 billion Yuan on Tuesday this week, about 1/3 of the peak 3 years ago. In 2015, Chinese securities investors borrowed collateral at a record level to buy stocks, leading to a stock bubble.

Many loss investors have fled the Chinese stock market this year. A total of 75 mutual funds with a focus on Chinese securities dissolved in the year, according to Bloomberg data, the highest level ever since the data began to be recorded in 2007. Over the past 11 years , there are 88 Chinese securities mutual funds come to the dissolution outcome.







What Crypto Market Needs To Pay Attention In The Last Few Months of 2018

When referring to the basic analysis of trade crypto, it is common to discuss only the basic characteristics of a project such as technology, platform, community, usefulness, etc. the market. However, catching a few basic trends will help a lot for investors. Here are some highlights in  the last quarter of 2018 in general.

1. Bitcoin ETF
Bitcoin ETF is one of the most talked about phrases recently, when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced that it would review the Bitcoin ETF proposal from VanEck and SolidX. It is notable that the SEC has repeatedly rejected ETF proposals from twins WinkleVoss, Proshares, Direxion as well as GraniteShares, which totaled 9 singles were massacred by the SEC.

The cryptocurrency market in general is very much looking forward to this so-called Bitcoin ETF, as it is a great opportunity for institutional investors to keep an eye out for Bitcoin and pre-coding. The deadline for the SEC’s decision on the VanEck & SolidX proposal is September 30, but the SEC has said it will review it without giving a date. High probability will be in this October.

2. Bitcoin Futures Contracts
In the past, Bitcoin has been hit hard by the near maturity of Bitcoin futures on CME and CBOE, with CME taking on higher volume and contracts. So we have to be careful when trading Bitcoin in the near future maturity date.
In terms of futures contracts, the contract price will tend to run at the spot price so there will be a strong pump or dump, so trader avoids trading on these days – especially the last trading day (last trade). In October, we have the last transaction date is 28/10 and the due date is 31/10.

3. Binance launches decentralized trading platform (DEX)
This may be a major event affecting the cryptocurrency market, the likelihood is high. Binance is a decisive trading platform and it is capable of shaping the direction of the entire market. If it’s going to the decentralized floor, the rest of the floor will do the same, and indeed the decentralized floor is a milestone right from the start in Binance’s roadmap.

Binance is scheduled to release its beta at the end of this year or early 2019.

10 Tips for Fintech Start-up Gain Achievements

What is FinTech?
In a nutshell, FinTech is a term for the industry that provides financial services on technology platforms.

In China, from beggars or weddings to bundles of vegetables with QR codes, the QR code fever is flaring in China. It is estimated that every day a Chinese interacts with about 10-15 QR Code codes.
In Sweden, homeless people who are selling newspapers now can receive money by scanning credit cards, or receiving SMS messages. The amount of cash circulated in Sweden has dropped to the lowest level in 27 years.
In India, people can now go to the market to buy vegetables and pay by phone, via Paytm e-wallet.
In the Philippines, it is possible to trade virtual bitcoins in the 7-Eleven convenience store, through a partnership between the chain and the largest bitcoin in the Philippines, Coins.ph.
In Kenya, people can borrow and store money on the phone, via the M-Shwari service of the national telecommunications group Safaricom. Safaricom’s M-Pesa electronic wallet is being used by 40% of the Kenyan population.

Here are 10 tips that any Fintech startup should know so as not to miss the opportunity to work with large banks in the future.
1. To mobilize enough support capital
Determine before the start of the project that the cost is always double and it will take three times more than expected.
2. Estimate the time of the sales cycle
If you have a FinTech business solution for any financial institution – either a small organization or a central currency bank – must accept a long, arduous sales cycle with many delays. .
3. Learn about the market
Many startups believe that their solution will completely change the way the bank operates and no longer have to use existing tools.
4. Build a successful sales strategy
5. Share sales opportunities with all sales people
6. Get a head start
7. Spacious during preparation for sale
8. Do not cover everything too carefully
9. The site must be ready when the product starts to run
10. Product thinking must be independent