Strategies to Reduce the Damaging Changes to Private Corporation Taxes

21/08/2017 0

With the mandate of leveling the playing field between the rich and the middle class, the latest proposal from the Trudeau government is to make drastic changes to the way that small business is taxed, specifically, Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPC). ¬†I will admit that as a small business owner, there are a number of […]

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Trump’s war on regulation comes with tradeoffs

20/08/2017 0

President Trump has been killing off or delaying hundreds of regulations in an extraordinary and historic pace to advance his pro-business agenda. But his mission to deregulate comes with some costly tradeoffs, consumer advocates warn.
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8 Key Sources of Income During Retirement

14/08/2017 0

I was speaking to a co-worker recently about some concerns she had about retirement. Since government work isn’t a stable environment right now (at least here in NL), she started to talk about the number of pension contributing years she needs in order to retire. ¬†With a typical defined benefit pension plan (pensions explained), the […]

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